2024 CommUNITY Market - Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more information! Keep up with us on social media to get the latest announcements.

Community Fridge Project

Click here to learn more about Aurora's first-ever community fridge!

The People's Movement Assembly

Dismantling the '94 crime bill.

The '94 crime bill led to mass incarceration and no reduction in crime. We joined the IL People's Coalition for Safety and Freedom to ideate a replacement bill.

To read more about the project, visit the coalition website.

The Aurora Participatory Democracy Hub

AKA "The Hub"

The APDH is a revolutionary project to bring together people from all walks of life to create, amend, or repeal a local city ordinance for the City of Aurora.

"The Hub" grounds itself using the following values: a commitment to non-reformist reforms, consensus-decision making, people-centered human rights, and a working-class foundation and solidarity.

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